Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual Institute is edited and published by International Mathematical Virtual Institute.

Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual Institute  is a continuation of the earlier publication Bulletin of Society of Mathematicians Banja Luka, which was founded in 1994 and whose last issue Vol. 17 (2010).  

Bulletin of International Mathematical Virtual Institute  publishes original shorter papers (less than 15 pages) in all fields of mathematics that contained new, substantial and significant results, with complete proofs and of interest for a large number of mathematicians. Papers are published in English.

Instruction to authors. Manuscripts must be in their final form and prepared in accordance with the instructions provided below. A PDF or TeX file should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief, the Manager Editors or one of the Associate Editors. After a paper has been accepted, authors may submit a TeX file of their paper in electronic form.

The authors are cordially invited to submit papers online. Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be considered for publication with the understanding that the same work has not been published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. The papers submitted to the journal are refereed within 3 months. Papers are refereed in the traditional manner, with two anonymous referees. Authors will have an opportunity to make final correction before publication.


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Editor in chief:

YIXUN SHI, Bloomsburg, USA,
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics
Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania
Bloomsburg, PA 17815. USA

Executive Editor: Daniel A. Romano, daniel.a.romano@hotmail.com


Associate editors:
Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos, Patras Greece, arvanito@math.upatras.gr
Duško JOJIĈ, PMF, Banja Luka, B&H,  ducci68@blic.net

KRASSIMIR T. ATANASSOV, Sofia, Bulgaria,  k.t.atanassov@gmail.com

Edoardo Ballico, Trento, Italy, ballico@science.unitn.it

Barnabas Bede, Budapest, Hungary, bede.barna@bgk.bmf.hu

Siniša Crvenkoviĉ, Novi Sad, Serbia, sima@eunet.yu

SEVER S. DRAGOMIR, Melbourne, Australia, Sever.Dragomir@vu.edu.au
Tampere, Finland,  pentti.haukkanen@uta.fi

Kyung Ho Kim, Chungju, Korea, ghkim@cjnu.ac.kr

FLORIAN  LUCA,  Morelia, Mexico,  email:  fluca@matmor.unam.mx

MOHAMMAD S. MOSLEHIAN, Ferdowsi, Iran, moslehian@ferdowsi.um.ac.ir
EDWARD  NEWMAN, Carbondale, USA, edneuman@math.siu.edu

Dushan Pagon , Maribor, Slovenia, dusan.pagon@uni-mb.si

Biljana Popoviĉ, Niš, Serbia, bipop@pmf.ni.ac.yu

Andrea Tepavèeviĉ, Novi Sad, Serbia, etepavce@EUnet.yu

József Sándor, Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania jsandor@math.ubbcluj.ro jsandor@member.ams.org jjsandor@hotmail.com

SANDOR  V.E.S. SZABO, Budapest, Hungary, sszabo@math.bme.hu



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